Node.js Tutorials

Building an Uptime Monitor with Node and Slack
Learn how to build a tool to monitor your services and send alerts to Slack
Webpage Screenshots with Headless Chrome and Node.js
Use Node.js and the Puppeteer library to control headless Chrome and take screenshots
Templating Node and Express Apps with EJS
Learn how to use EJS to template your Node and Express applications
Create a Mock REST API in Seconds for Prototyping your Frontend
Use JSON Server and Faker.js to set up a fully functional REST API to prototype your frontends
Event Emitters in NodeJs
Learn how to use the built-in EventEmitter class in NodeJs with practical examples
Real-Time Analytics Dashboard with NodeJs,, VueJs
Use NodeJs,, and VueJs to build a real-time web analytics dashboard
Building Faster APIs with NodeJs and Redis
Build faster APIs using redis as a caching layer for your Node API server
Building a File Uploader with NodeJs
Build an AJAX file uploader with NodeJs, express, and formidable
Creating a URL Shortener with NodeJs, Express, and MongoDB
Learn how to build a URL shortening service similar to sites like