Node.js Tutorials

Templating Node and Express Apps with EJS
Learn how to use EJS to template your Node and Express applications
Create a Mock REST API in Seconds for Prototyping your Frontend
Use JSON Server and Faker.js to set up a fully functional REST API to prototype your frontends
Event Emitters in NodeJs
Learn how to use the built-in EventEmitter class in NodeJs with practical examples
Real-Time Analytics Dashboard with NodeJs,, VueJs
Use NodeJs,, and VueJs to build a real-time web analytics dashboard
Building Faster APIs with NodeJs and Redis
Build faster APIs using redis as a caching layer for your Node API server
Building a File Uploader with NodeJs
Build an AJAX file uploader with NodeJs, express, and formidable
Creating a URL Shortener with NodeJs, Express, and MongoDB
Learn how to build a URL shortening service similar to sites like